Serial Groper Caught on Video?

Fairfax County Police believe they may now have video footage of a serial groper they've been seeking for months.

For the most part, the assaults have been out in the open in the Springfield area -- but a more recent incident happened last Thursday inside a Home Goods store in Kingstowne that had surveillance cameras.

If related, that would be the 24th groping incident reported since last fall. In that case, a man grabbed a 31-year-old woman from behind before being chased by both customers and employees. He got away, but his description matches the one given by other victims.

Lucy Caldwell of Fairfax County Police say they have some evidence they're not releasing that indicates it's the same man.

However, some people familiar with the police sketches of the serial groping suspect expressed doubt it's the man in the video.

"It's just such a different M.O.," a local man. "...Let's everybody keep watch and keep vigilant."

Another local resident said of the video footage: "It's too vague." She and her husband have been following the case and have even attended community meetings. "He's got a bulky coat on; he's still wearing a hat. It's really hard to say."


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