Thies: Sequester This

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"Sequester" most simply defined means “to set apart.”

We should sequester this:

1. Talk of sequestration doom:

Let's just see what happens.

2. The blame game:

Ignore the finger-pointing and forget what the partisan pundits say; everyone on Capitol Hill and inside the White House is at fault. They are all equally culpable.

Blame is a smokescreen the purpose of which is to conceal failure.

Blame is a game that never solved anything.

3. Any belief that things will get better in Washington until they get worse:

There is absolutely no reason to think that Democrats and Republicans -- or, for that matter, Democrats and Democrats, or Republicans and Republicans -- will find common ground on revenue and spending issues.

Not, at least, until something really bad happens.

4) Laughs:

Set some aside. They will come in handy if The Sequester, like so many overhyped things, comes and goes with a whimper.


The White House released lists for each state on Sunday of potential effects of automatic spending cuts set for Friday.

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