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See the Most-Watched Videos of 2018

From discovering animals in unexpected places to a tense moment at a local restaurant - these are the top 10 videos that caught the attention of our NBC Washington audience in 2018.

10. DC Woman Finds Live Frog in Salad From Cava

A little frog made a big splash when it appeared in a D.C. woman's Cava bowl. The woman said she ordered her salad, but didn't notice the little critter inside until she arrived home. She says she told the Cava store's managers and let the frog free outside.

A D.C. woman who bought a salad from the Mediterranean restaurant chain Cava on Friday says she discovered an unwelcome addition to her order: a live frog.

9. Watch: Rascally Rat Jumps and Pulls Fire Alarm at DC Condo

In another animal-related video, security cameras caught a rat pulling the fire alarm at a D.C. condo building. Residents were forced to leave the building when the alarm went off. This rat might just be more mischevious than Pizza Rat.

Residents of a D.C. condo building last summer hustled out of their units when a fire alarm went off — but there was no fire.

8. Parent of Great Mills High Student Speaks

A deadly shooting at a high school sparked a panic among parents in the tightknit community of Great Mills, Maryland. In this video, News4's Darcy Spencer spoke to one parent who had rushed to the school to pick up her daughter.

A mother who rushed to pick up her daughter after the school shooting Tuesday spoke with News4's Darcy Spencer.

7. Chuck Todd Responds to President Trump's Vulgar Jab

President Donald Trump described "Meet the Press'" Chuck Todd using a vulgar phrase at a campaign stop in western Pennsylvania back in March. Todd responded to the insult during a one-on-one with News4's Adam Tuss.

At a campaign stop in western Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump described "Meet the Press'" Chuck Todd using a vulgar phrase.

6. Video: Wigs Whip, Fists Fly During Robbery at Silver Spring Shop

Surveillance cameras captured this knock-down-drag-out fight between a group of thieves and two wig store employees in Silver Spring, Maryland. In the end, one suspect got away with an $80 wig.

Police are searching for three suspects involved in a robbery at a wig store in Silver Spring, Maryland. One of the suspects got into a knock-out brawl with the store's employees over an $80 wig he managed to take off with. News4's Pat Collins reports.

5. Family's Dog Kills Woman in Southeast DC

"I just left out the house for just 15 minutes and I come back - she was dead," Robert Frazier said after his dog attacked and killed his wife. Neighbors said they often saw her walking the pit bull and the dog never seemed to be aggressive.

A Southeast D.C. woman was mauled to death Sunday by her family’s dog. On Monday, her stunned husband spoke with News4’s Darcy Spencer.

4. 'Everyone on the Plane Threw Up': #Windmageddon Turbulence Makes Passengers, Pilots Sick on Dulles-Bound Flight

Nearly everyone on a United Airlines flight bound for Washington Dulles International Airport vomited when a windstorm caused severe turbulence. Even the pilots were on the verge of throwing up.

Passengers on planes landing in Virginia on Friday coped with stomach-turning turbulence amid powerful winds. "I've never experienced anything like that," one passenger said. "I felt like I was just going to throw up all over the place," another said. News4's Mark Segraves reports.

3. What You Can and Can't Do During a Government Shutdown

The federal government was shut down for three days in January before Congress could come to an agreement on a spending bill. This video that explains what was open and closed during the shutdown was the third-most watch video as people across the country were affected.

The shutdown of the federal government will affect the everyday lives of people across the country, regardless of whether they're government workers. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are off the job, limiting what government services are available to the public. News4's Justin Finch takes a look at what's open and what's closed.

2. Student’s Cellphone Video Captures School Shooting

The Feb. 14 massacre at Stoneman Douglas that left 14 students and three faculty members dead shocked the country and invigorated a youth-led, pro-gun control movement. In the second most-watched video of the year, a student captured the sounds of gunfire erupting nearby while hiding in a classroom. 

1. Woman Harasses Family for Speaking Spanish in Virginia Restaurant

A hostile moment captured at a Virginia restaurant takes the top spot for the most-watched video of the year. A Latina woman and her family said they were verbally harassed by a white woman for conversing in Spanish. “You don’t freeload in this f------ country,” the woman is heard saying on the video. “You get the f--- out, back to your f------ country.”

A woman and her family were verbally harassed by a white woman for conversing in Spanish at a Virginia restaurant. Karla Flores reports.
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