Secret Service Officers Save Tourist's Life Near White House

Quick-thinking Secret Service officers saved the life of a tourist from Texas, who collapsed while walking near the White House Thursday.

In the past nine months, Secret Service officers around the White House have responded to about 100 calls for medical assistance. Thursday’s was a life-or-death situation.

“I noticed a female collapse to the ground at the corner of the sidewalk,” Officer William Grimmer said. “When I responded over, she was unresponsive, barely breathing.”

The severity of her condition prompted him to call another officer who is also a certified EMT.

“She was foaming at the mouth,” Officer Thomas Hammond said. “Her husband was there with her.”

The officers knew the woman didn’t have much time.

“At this point we shocked her, and Officer Hammond continued CPR, and she began breathing again,” Grimmer said.

Her husband said the couple had just arrived in Washington from their home near Dallas and were doing typical tourist things. His wife underwent emergency surgery Thursday night a George Washington Hospital and is going to be alright. He’s looking forward to thanking the Secret Service officers personally.

“She’s obviously not out of the woods yet, but it feels great that we were able to be there and recognize the signs of what needed to be done and get it done in a timely fashion to get her off to the hospital,” Hammond said.

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