Free Sears House Available in Arlington, Va. — But There's a Catch

Attention, house hunters. We have a deal for you: a two-bedroom, one-bath house that's absolutely free.

Its owner is giving away the home, built more than 85 years ago from a Sears & Roebuck kit in Arlington, Va., according to Preservation Arlington.

Of course, you might not be surprised to learn that there's a catch. No, it's not haunted. But you have to find a way to haul it from Arlington to your own property, which could cost about $50,000.

The house is currently located at 3010 7th St. N., in Arlington's desirable Lyon Park neighborhood near Clarendon.

It was constructed in 1926 from Sears' Wellington model, and has been altered very little since then, although a small screened-in porch was added to the back, according to Preservation Arlington.

"When we got the project, we spoke with our client, and we all agreed that the house should not be demolished," real estate agent Paola Lugli told Preservation Arlington.

"...The Sears bungalows are part of Arlington’s historic heritage and boast great proportions, hard-to-find craftsmanship, and attention to detail," she said. "We would love for someone to move it somewhere where it can be used."

A real estate listing from September shows the house and property were most recently sold for $729,900.

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