Search Warrant Reveals New Details in Lorton Sub Shop Fire

News4's Northern Virginia Bureau dug up a search warrant that's full of new details from the Feb. 6 sub shop explosion in the Lorton section of Fairfax County.

The warrant cites that investigators discovered the fire "started in the rear of the business ... Gasoline was used to accelerate the fire."

Earlier reports suggested some explosive device had been thrown inside the shop.

The search warrant also connects the man who's been arrested and charged -- 25-year-old Horace Thompson -- with The Sub Shop owner, Lawrence Reese. They suggest Reese is an "associate" of Thompson's.

About a week after the incident, police arrested Thompson in D.C.  The next day, the search warrant shows, investigators returned to The Sub Shop's parking lot where they found a "1987 Chevrolet Van ... Upon closer inspection the officer observed two gasoline containers within the vehicle."

The search warrant states that the vehicle is registered to Reese.

It further shows that "statements from the suspect and business owner are inconsistent with the preliminary findings in this investigation and evidence at the scene."

News4 stopped by Reese's apartment Monday to follow up on the new details. A woman claiming to be Reese's wife said he was at a doctor's appointment. A cell phone number provided by the woman proved to be inaccurate.

Fairfax County police told News4 Reese does not face charges in this case. Thompson is the only one accused in the crime at this time. He's being held at the Fairfax County jail and is due in court May 8.

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