Body Recovered in Potomac ID'd as U.S. Soldier

A 21-year-old man whose body was recovered in the Potomac River Monday afternoon has been identified as a U.S. Army soldier.

Vincent Crapps' body was recovered hours after rescue crews suspended their search for him. He had been reported missing after going into the river in Cabin John late Saturday afternoon.

Crews spent hours searching for him over the weekend, although they were forced to stop around noon Sunday because the glare on the water made searching difficult. They continued the search Monday morning with swift-water rescue teams and a helicopter search for three hours.

Officials told News4 Crapps, of the Third U.S. Infantry Regiment, was stationed at Fort Myer, Va. Crapps was a member of The Old Guard, known its ceremonial role in Arlington National Cemetery funerals.

Police said Crapps was diving off the cliffs on the Virginia side of the river when his friends noticed him go under the water and not surface. His friends called 911.

Swimming is prohibited in that part of the Potomac, where there are strong currents and sudden drop-offs, and where the river can rise quickly. It's a popular location for kayakers, but those who were interviewed Saturday said they respect the river's danger.

Despite the ban on swimming, this is the second time in just a week that a swimmer was lost in that area of the river. Last week, a 19-year-old went missing from Purple Horse Beach about a mile away.

Ngo Forchick Tekwe's body was found Wednesday, two days after he went missing.

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