Search Resumes at Watergate; No Sign of Casualty

The collapsed parking garage at the Watergate hotel in Washington, D.C., was stabilized Sunday, allowing searchers back inside. Searchers did not find any sign that there was anyone trapped inside.

Also, a search dog did not indicate the presence of anyone in the rubble Sunday.

Crews have been working to clear the debris and search the scene since the collapse at the famed hotel‘s parking garage Friday morning. The garage floors pancaked, injuring two workers and crushing at least one vehicle.

Because it is a public garage, officials say that it was impossible to know if anyone else may have been inside.

Search and recovery teams from Montgomery County, Maryland, have been helping construction crews, including using dogs trained to indicate cadavers. One of those dogs had a possible hit Friday, but that was not repeated Sunday, Montgomery County fire officials said.

Many vehicles remain in the garage. D.C. fire officials will let drivers know when they can pick up those vehicles.

Police and fire officials said they didn't know yet what caused the collapse.

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