Schools Hope to Decrease Out-of-School Suspensions

One Maryland school district is hoping to decrease its out-of-school suspensions by streamlining its guidelines county-wide.

In prior years, suspension rules varied from school to school in Prince George's County.

"There was not a sense of real consistency," Darryl Williams, Chief of Student Services told News4.

2012-2013 Prince George's County Suspension Breakdown:

  • In-school suspensions: 3,562; of those, 1,385 are classified as disrespect/disruption

  • Out-of-school suspenstions: 15,049; of those, 4,472 are disrespect/disruption

Beginning this school year, officials have streamlined their school guidelines, in an effort to decrease suspensions overall.

Henry J. Wise Junior High School principal Carletta Marrow said the move is a welcome one. 

“We all know if they’re not sitting in front of a teacher they’re not getting the same type of instruction. If we want them to grow and learn and meet the mission, we want them here in the school," Marrow said.

Even students, like Noah McQueen who have gotten suspended in the past, welcome the change and understand why it's necessary to keep students inside schools. 

“There was a time that I was told not to go back to school," McQueen said. "A lot of times, they send you home. You don’t do anything but hang out with your boys or are out doing whatever … there are lots of ways you can get in trouble.”

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