Schools Getting More Portable Classrooms

The News4 I-Team obtained lists of schools getting more portable classrooms this school year from five school systems in the area.

Through public records requests the I-Team learned there will be almost 100 new portables will be deployed in the D.C. area later this month

In Prince George's and Prince William counties, dozens more portables used last year will be relocated to different schools facing the most severe crowding.

An I-Team review of school budgets found the average portable trailer costs taxpayers $60,000 – still less expensive than building new schools.

"We just can't add space fast enough to keep up with the growth,” said Dana Tofig of Montgomery County Public Schools. “So portables are a reality. They've been around for a while. They'll probably be around for a while."

With 2,500 new kids in Montgomery County each year, they would need four new buildings just to keep up with the growth.


  • Fairfax County, Virginia

Eight elementary schools -- including four in the Herndon/Reston area -- one middle school and one high school are receiving 30 additional portable classrooms.

  • Frederick County, Maryland

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SchoolNo. of New Portables
Brunswick ES4
Hillcrest1 12-room portable
Yellow Spring ES3
Urbana MS4
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