Ex-Teacher May Have Abused More Students, Private School Finds

Officials at a private school in McLean, Virginia, say that more students may have been victims of a former teacher who was convicted of abusing several other children at the school.

Christopher Kloman was sentenced to 43 years in prison last year for sexually assaulting five students at the Potomac School in the 1960s and 1970s.

Kloman was charged after one of his former students came forward to say Kloman abused her as a 12-year-old in the 1960s.

He had been fired from the school in 1994. The victim came forward after seeing him teaching at Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda, Maryland.

Several other victims also came forward during the investigation that followed. Kloman later pleaded guilty to five charges.

After his sentencing, the Potomac School ordered an independent investigation into the allegations, which concluded that there are likely 26 former students who were victims, News4's Chris Gordon reported.

The abuse by Kloman ranged from inappropriate touching to rape.

"...Kloman’s abuse of Potomac students, while varying in degree, extended to more victims than those identified during the legal proceedings," said a letter sent to parents on Friday.

School officials said the investigation also revealed that on two separate occasions, school administrators directed Kloman to attend counseling after allegations of sexual misconduct were reported.

Kloman's conduct likely played a role in his termination, the report states. Investigators found no evidence that anyone called police to report any of the accusations against Kloman.

During the investigation, reports of misconduct among other former members of the Potomac staff arose, but investigators says most of those cases were handled appropriately by the school.

The school is sharing information with law enforcement officials.

No allegations were raised against current faculty and staff members.

Administrators are conducting an audit of the school's policies regarding interactions between adults and students to prevent similar situations in the future.

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