Scammers Target Elderly, Foreigners in Northern Va.

Fairfax County Police have investigated thousands of scam so far this year, and say the elderly and foreigners should be especially careful.

Maureen Simpson's mother was scammed last year by several individuals who came to her home, claiming to be running a tree cutting service. When her mother refused their services, one of the women asked to use her restroom.

While this was happening, another man snuck inside Simpson's mother's home from the back and stole the woman's checkbook. 

Police say the crimes have been rampant especially in Annandale, where officials will be hosting a town hall Thursday to warn residents of the dangers of being scammed.

“Once you’ve been a victim, you’re on this list. Other scammers will call you, come to your house, until you say I refuse to be a victim," Capt. Joe Hill with West Springfield Police said.

Hill said Fairfax County Police have investigated more than 4,000 scamming incidents in the county.

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