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Scam Alert: Fake Virginia Trooper Has Called Dozens, Demanding Payment

Virginia State Police will never call you to notify of an arrest warrant, police say

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Dozens of people received phone calls Saturday from a fake Virginia State Police trooper who threatens to arrest them unless they hand over payment — and it’s all a scam, police say.

At least 50 people reported receiving the phone calls in a single day, Virginia State Police said.

The caller claims to be a trooper and says there is a warrant for the target’s arrest. Then, they demand payment, gift cards or credit card information, according to police.

Virginia State Police never calls individuals to notify someone of an arrest warrant, police say.

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People in Northern Virginia and nearby states received the calls, police say.

“These scammers can get very aggressive and be very convincing in their demands,” Virginia State Police say.

The scammer has even faked that they are using real Virginia State Police phone numbers with 276 area codes, known as spoofing, to make them appear credible.

“Virginia State Police will never solicit funds from the public in any manner and do not give any personal information to someone alleging to be doing so,” police say.

If you receive such a call, hang up. Never give out financial information, your social security number or any personal data to someone who calls you unsolicited.

These types of scams are common, with callers using a variety of tricks, made-up stories and hostile tones to push their target into giving up money or sensitive information.

If you would like to check your own records, call Virginia State Police yourself: 804-674-2000.

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