Saying Goodbye To Boudreau

We had hoped to let you ease back into the swing of things with some lighthearted posts today, but we woke up to an inbox flooded with the news that the Caps have fired coach Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with former Caps captain Dale Hunter.

The move isn't entirely surprising, but Boudreau was loved in this town and respected by his players, so you can be sure there will be some sadness in the Caps locker room today.

We'll spend some time here in the next few days introducing you to Dale Hunter, but for now let's give a moment to say goodbye with some of our favorite Boudreau moments. 

His acting skills were surprisingly impressive and this light hearted interview about his small screen accomplishments is everything we love about Bruce.

Bruce was an excitable guy, but not really known for being edgy -- until an expletive filled speech on HBO's 24/7 earned him the potty mouth crown. (Warning: If seeing usually affable bald guys use the "F" word 15 times with a Canadian accent offends you, don't press play.)  


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During the filming of 24/7, Boudreau let the cameras come along on a holiday shopping trip with his sons. We're just glad he's not responsible for the presents under our tree.

Boudreau will be missed around these parts. Dale Hunter has some big pants to fill. 

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