Sasquatch Watching His Back in West Virginia

Finally, someone got a credible lead on the location of Bigfoot. Or just a lead. An inclination. An inkling. A desire to camp in the woods, at least.

Members of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia believe they will track down the large hairy creature of legend in West Virginia's Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, where they will camp out with GPS devices, cameras, voice recorders and plaster molds to finally bring the world some definitive proof.

According to the AP:

Billy Willard, founder of the group, says they often look for Bigfoot in places where there have been sightings. But Bruce Harrington, the group's skeptic, says he has yet to see convincing proof that a creature like Sasquatch exists.

Who let the skeptic in the Bigfoot hunters club? He seems like he would have his hands full with that position. Meetings and meetings full of him reminding the other members that Bigfoot doesn't exist.

Hopefully that works out for them. If not, their web site does handily remind us that they are available for lecturing and speaking engagements.

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