“Sandwich Girl” Defies D.C. Blizzard

What would you do for a free sandwich?

How far would you walk in a blizzard for a free sandwich?

One woman in northwest Washington decided to bundle up, grab an umbrella and walk 6 MILES to Maryland for a tasty grilled sandwich from the Giant in Friendship Heights.

NBC4's Pat Collins met up with our unidentified walker, dubbed "Sandwich Girl" by Twitter Nation, along her route on Connecticut Avenue.

Collins interviewed Sandwich Girl during her trip out of town, and then again on her way back. And yes, she had the sandwich in her backpack.

What was once a hot, grilled sandwich was now, well ... a cold grilled sandwich.

But it was free, and after a trip to her oven it would be hot and delicious once again.

It better be, considering she walked 6 miles in a blizzard to get it.

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