Possible Tornado Tosses Cars, Destroys Building, Knocks Over Trees

National Weather Service sending investigators to the scene

Heavy wind from a possible tornado created extensive damage in Salisbury, Maryland, Monday afternoon.

Images from the city of Salisbury Twitter account showed downed trees and flipped over cars. Police and fire crews were sent to multiple locations.

The police Twitter account showed a large tree into a home. Other pictures from residents showed at least one destroyed building in the downtown area.

PHOTOS: Possible Tornado in Salisbury Crushes Cars, Topples Trees

While the damage appeared extensive, there were no immediate reports of injuries or fatalities. Crews and residents are still dealing with the aftermath.

Meteorologist Mike Dutter said the service will make an official confirmation of a tornado on Tuesday when officials inspect the damage.

Dutter said the National Weather Service had issued a severe thunderstorm warning with the possibility of a tornado.

He said the storm intensified extremely rapidly but only briefly over Salisbury. If it was a tornado, he said it appears to have touched the ground for course of a mile, maybe two.

Overturned cars had piled up in front of Cricket Wireless store. Tree debris also littered a street.

While looking at some damage, Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, "It's not good here."

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