White House Party Crasher Tareq Salahi Sues Estranged Wife for “Public Humiliation”

Alleged White House party crasher says he's suffering

Getting attention is nothing new for alleged White House party crasher Michaele Salahi, but her latest antics may cost her in court.

Tareq Salahi is suing his estranged wife and her new boyfriend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, for $17 million, according to the New York Daily News.

Schon and Michaele Salahi have been very public in their affair.

Tareq Salahi now claims it's causing him humiliation and costing him money.

He says pending TV deals have been canceled and he's strapped with $2 million in debt.

Regarding the lawsuit, Schon said he thinks "some people don't like to work. I think some people need to get a grip and move on."

The Daily News said Schron will be spending Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C., with Michaele Salahi's family.

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