Unmanned Safeway To Cash the IOUs

Customers who used the “self check-out” at unmanned store will get a bill

To the shoppers who took advantage of the unmanned Lane 2 at Safeway during Wednesday's blizzard: Expect a bill soon.

The Tenleytown grocery store is cashing in on your IOU, the Washington Post reports.

Safeway initially denied anything was taken, but after reviewing the security camera, it was discovered four customers did use the “self check-out” lane. And it was a 100 percent honesty policy, because all left cash or an IOU, according to the Post.

The assistant manager opened the store the day of the blizzard, but realized he was the only employee. It was company policy for him to go home for safety reasons. So he did, but forgot to lock the door, the Post reported.

Safeway spokesman Craig Muckle said the employee will not face disciplinary action of “an honest mistake.”

A similar incident happened at two Safeway stores in California during the Christmas holiday, according to the Post.

"Those who took some stuff obviously had their heart in the right place," Muckle told the Post. 

It looks Safeway appreciates the kindess, but they want their money.  The store is contacting the IOUs to arrange future payment. 

So, if you’re one of the four, expect a call. We’re not sure if Safeway is providing change for those who left cash.

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