‘Safety Trumps Service': Metro Boss Instructs Managers on Safety Turnaround

"Nothing comes before safety," Metro managers were instructed Tuesday.

The head of Metro brought together every top manager of the system and instructed them that "safety trumps service." More than 650 Metro managers each were given a handout with that message.

"Every decision a Metro employee makes should put safety ahead of operational concerns; including on-time performance, schedule adherence, convenience and cost efficiency," the flier says.

Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld held the first-ever Metro managers meeting at The Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda. He reportedly said in the meeting closed to the public that any incident will need to be investigated before service resumes. He also tried to unite managers around a common goal.

"The message was that we have to be one team -- one united team all going in the same direction," Metro manager Christian Kent said.

Wiedefeld said staff shakeups are possible.

"I've laid out very specifically the types of things I'm expecting. If [managers] can manage to that level, fine. If not, it's probably not a good fit," he told News4.


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Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Tuesday he seriously considered ordering a shutdown of the entire D.C. Metrorail system last week and may still do so if local officials don't follow Transportation Department safety directives.

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