Ryan Fitzpatrick and Logan Thomas Are Connecting in Multiple Ways

Fitzpatrick and Logan Thomas are connecting in multiple ways originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Logan Thomas' relationship in the NFL has spanned roughly five months now. Fitzpatrick signed with Washington on March 18, so that's when he and Thomas officially became teammates. Since then, the two have gotten reps together in OTAs, minicamp, a solid chunk of training camp and one preseason game.

In watching how often Fitzpatrick is targeting his tight end these days, though, one would be forgiven for assuming the pair has known each other for far, far longer than the actual timeline indicates.

During the Burgundy and Gold's camp sessions in both Richmond and Ashburn, Fitzpatrick has forged a promising connection with Terry McLaurin and reacquainted himself with Adam Humphries, his old buddy from the Buccaneers.

Thomas, however, might just be Fitzpatrick's favorite thus far, as No. 14 is finding No. 82 in just about every down and distance imaginable.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Fitzpatrick had a chance to expand on why he and Thomas have already gotten into such a groove together, and he started off by discussing Thomas' on-field presence.

"Logan is an interesting guy," Fitzpatrick said. "He's a big physical guy who can make every catch. He's got that huge catching radius. That's something as a quarterback you love."

Look no further than the two's first completion in Washington's preseason opener in New England as proof of what Fitzpatrick is mentioning there.

In the first quarter of that contest, the veteran lofted a third-and-10 pass in the direction of Thomas, who was covered quite well by a Patriots defender. Yet that didn't prevent him from seamlessly turning around, locating Fitzpatrick's throw and grabbing it as he was tumbling toward the sideline.

Hello, "huge catching radius."

But Fitzpatrick's appreciation for Thomas goes beyond the dude's size.

"It’s the subtleness in and out of the breaks," Fitzpatrick added. "It's his ability to think like a quarterback out there. Whether it's man or zone and understanding where he needs to be and the timing at which he needs to be there, all that stuff has been great.

"Then, when you get to the red zone, it's heightened even more."

With the continued evolution of McLaurin, the additions of Humphries, Curtis Samuel and Dyami Brown and the vast potential of Antonio Gibson, Thomas will likely see a decline in the numbers he put up in 2020; he finished his breakout effort with 72 catches on 110 targets.

Having said that, if his bond with Fitzpatrick carries over from the summer to September and so on, he'll still be a major part of the offense, someone who can be sought out on short, intermediate and deeper routes as well as when points are needed close to the goal line. It's truly hard to overstate just how impressive their chemistry is as Week 1 approaches.

What's even cooler is that their bond doesn't just apply to their contributions to the passing attack. In late July, Thomas was effusive with his praise of Fitzpatrick's overall personality.

"His energy just glows," he said.

In fact, Thomas can even relate to Fitzpatrick's crazy family life (the signal caller's got seven children at home). Well, actually, almost relate is the best way to describe it.

"He's got five kids," Fitzpatrick said on Tuesday. "I've got a few more than he does."

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