Runaway Cow Captured in Fairfax County

A wayward cow has been captured after spending two days roaming around Fairfax County.

The Scottish Highland cow escaped from a farm on Winfield Road last Thursday. For two days, several sightings of the cow were reported, including a spotting near a Centreville shopping center on Union Mill Road. Officials say attempts to corral the pregnant, aggressive cow were unsuccessful.

Officers were warned that the animal may attack if cornered.

On Saturday, the cow was seen coming out of the woods near Union Mill Road. Police say the cow charged at responding officers and ran away through neighboring yards. Animal control officers were eventually able to tranquilize the cow.

While the cow was not injured during its time on the loose, officials say a veterinarian who assisted with the cow's capture sustained an injury that's not life-threatening.

Police say charges are pending against the cow's owner.

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