Helu Talks First Career Touchdown

In a season of disappointments and embarrassments, Redskins rookie Roy Helu has been a bright spot on the team’s offense. Even Helu admits that his highlights are addicting.

Helu had 108 yards on 23 carries and a hurdling touchdown on Sunday. It was his first career score and when asked by reporters if he’d watched tape of it, he humbly admitted that he had.

“I did watch it again, yeah. I admit that,” he said. “Yeah, I didn’t have much to do, so I watched it.”

We’re going to assume he watched it more than a few times during the course of Victory Monday. He also might want to put that photo in his scrapbook.

After the game, Trent Williams admitted that Helu scored that touchdown with little help from his teammates.

“On that play, he didn’t get no blocking,” Williams told the Post. “The guy he hurdled, I was supposed to get him, but I got chipped by [tight end] Fred [Davis] and [Helu] jumped smooth over him and he’s got the speed to take it to the house.”

A player who is able to score despite the failings of his teammates seems to be just what the Redskins need.

To the playoffs!

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