New Jersey Man Rolando Feliciano Arrested in Virginia for Alleged Sex Offense With a Minor

Fairfax County police arrested a New Jersey man for allegedly targeting a middle school student.

Rolando Feliciano met the 13-year-old girl online late last year, according to a search warrant uncovered by News4's Northern Virginia Bureau.

Feliciano bought the child an iPhone, with which she and Feliciano allegedly began exchanging nude pictures to one another, the warrant says. Because the phone was under his account, he remotely deleted those photos.

On at least three occasions, Feliciano drove about 200 miles from his home in New Jersey to pick the girl up near Holmes Middle School, according to the warrant.

The warrant also says he called the school pretending to be the child's father, asking her to call home. At that point her parents notified the school's resource officer.

Detectives pretended to be the girl online, using her account to set up a meeting with Feliciano to lure him back to Fairfax County where they arrested him at a gas station.

The alleged pickups never happened on school property, and there is no threat to students at the school, Fairfax County Public Schools spokesperson John Torre said.

“It’s our policy and protocol at the schools not to release students to strangers or anybody else that’s not been pre-approved by a parent,” Torre said.

Fairfax County police said this case should serve as a warning to parents.

“It’s very difficult for parents to monitor their children’s interactions,” said Lucy Caldwell, of Fairfax County police. “That’s why communication is so important, more important now than ever because of the mobile devices.”

Feliciano is being held without bond on charges related to sex offense.

He's due in court May 1.

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