Rockville Girl, 13, Says She Hid Because She Was Bullied

Parents in Rockville, Maryland, breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday after their 13-year-old daughter was back safe home after going missing the previous day.

Lemlem Earley was located Wednesday afternoon after she left for school early Tuesday and disappeared. Police from Rockville and Montgomery County, as well as about 40 volunteers, searched for her for hours in the cold.

Lemlem told News4 that she hid because she was bullied at school.

"I had a bullying situation in school that I didn't want to deal with," she said quietly. "So, I didn't really know how to handle it except hide, because I didn't want to talk with anyone."

"I definitely didn't think anyone would look for me," she said, fighting tears. "I was surprised that so many people cared."

Her parents were set to meet with the principal of Julius West Middle School on Thursday. The school district said they would look into the bullying allegation.

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