Rock & Roll Hotel Closes After Financial Troubles

Rock & Roll Hotel on H Street DC
Alfredo Flores

Longtime D.C. music venue Rock & Roll Hotel announced Monday it was closing its doors for good and canceling all future concerts and events.

The H Street institution said that over the last three years the combination of rising operating costs, an increase in the number of music venues and the decrease in ticket and bar sales put them in a tough financial situation.

“While Rock & Roll Hotel did all we could to adjust with the times, it was not enough to stay afloat and hence, we sadly join a growing number of small businesses and music venues by closing our doors permanently,” the music venue said in a statement online.

The statement said the managers tried to find a buyer for the venue, but were unsuccessful. They urged customers to continue to support other music halls and local concert halls.

“Rock & Roll Hotel gives our heart and soul of thanks and appreciation over the last 14 years to all the employees (past and present), fans, and H St local businesses and residents who without them, we would have never made it this far.”

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