Robert Griffin III Makes Way Onto WWE Raw Again

Robert Griffin III has certainly become a media darling since bursting onto the NFL scene in April. Everywhere you turn, he's there. Commercials, magazine covers, highlight reels, etc. But last week, his presence was felt in the form of chants at events that he wasn't even at. 

First, it was at the Wizards' win over the Orlando Magic Friday at Verizon Center. The next day at Verizon Center, it was during a taping of WWE Monday Night Raw.

This is actually the second time that RGIII has made it onto WWE's flagship broadcast, but unlike last time, when footage of him receiving a replica WWE Championship title on "4th and Pain" was shown when the show returned from commercial break, he was actually the subject of an exchange between do-gooder John Cena and condescending intellectual Damien Sandow.


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Anyway, I was at the show, which started at 7 p.m. The first "RGIII" chant began around 7:30 p.m  and continued throughout the evening at regular intervals, even forcing Sandow to stop talking at one point as you can see above. I never remember John Beck's name interrupting a conversation before (unless it was a conversation regarding serviceable NFL quarterbacks, where a mention of Beck's name might be met with one of those record scratch sound effects). 

And it's a good thing that the Redskins won, too, because otherwise those "RGIII" chants might have been a little awkward (Raw aired on Monday, but was taped before the game on Saturday).  

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