Robber Dressed Up as ATM Repairman: Police

Getty Images

A man dressed as an ATM repairman was caught trying to loot one in Charles County, police said.

Investigators said he'd already done it once before.

A silent alarm brought law enforcement to the Sun Trust bank in La Plata on September 19.  When officers arrived, employees pointed them towards the bank's ATM machine, where police said they found a man in the process of stealing the machine's cash.

The suspect has been identified as John Nathaniel Watts, 33, of no fixed address.  Police said when he was arrested, Watts was wearing the uniform of the company that performs maintenance on the ATM machines.

Employees of the bank said he was the same guy that stole money out of the same machine in July.

Watts has been charged with theft of over $10,000 and possession of false documents.

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