Rite Aid Recycling Response

Response from Rite Aid:

Rite Aid is committed to avoiding unnecessary generation of waste. Over the years, we’ve made significant investments to reduce waste, through our recycling programs. Just last year, we recycled over 61,000 tons of cardboard.

As soon as you brought this issue to our attention and we received the list of locations and violations, we immediately looked into the matter. Of the violations you shared below, we only have records of receiving three of them (those are highlighted). We’re not sure why that is, but we’re looking into that. We’ve also been in touch with the Department of Public Works to cure any outstanding violations we have.

Late in the spring of 2011, we had a new district manager in this territory, responsible for the stores you listed below. He added additional recycling bins as well as dumpsters and also increased the number of pick-ups for each as appropriate, improving the situation at these stores.

Nevertheless, we’re taking this as an opportunity to go over proper trash disposal and recycling practices across the district, to ensure we’re in compliance all recycling regulations.

Ashley Flower
Rite Aid Corporation
Sr. Manager-Public Relations

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