Rim Theft Ring Cracked in Prince George's County

Ring targeted expensive SUVs, trucks

Prince George’s County police arrested four men in a rim theft ring that targeted expensive trucks and SUVs.

The suspects are responsible for hundreds of rim thefts in the D.C., investigators said. The department recovered so many stolen rims and tires that they are storing them anywhere they can, even moving a sergeant out of his office.

The ring would take the rims in two steps. In the evening, they’d go to a street or dealership and loosen the lug nuts for the rims they wanted. They’d return in the dark and quickly jack up the vehicles and take the tires.

“One insurance company tells us they’re out $600,000 just from dealerships alone in Prince George’s and Fairfax counties [this year],” police spokesperson Julie Parker said.

The ring was partial to vehicles like Escalades, Denalis and Tahoes.

Police advised people to use lug locks, but don’t keep the key in the glove compartment where thieves can find it. Police also recommended marking rims so police can identify them.

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