Rhee Wedding Date: Proof She's a Goner?

Rhee Wedding Date: Proof She’s a Goner? was originally published on City Desk on Jan. 15, 2010, at 1:26 pm

The Reliable Source reported this morning that Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee will be marrying Kevin Johnson on Sept. 4 in a locale to be determined.

Hmm, early September---interesting choice for someone who runs a school system. While the D.C. Public Schools will be open as of Aug. 23, it promises to be quite the juggle to plan a wedding and open a school system (a task she's executed rather well to date).

Also: Hope she's not expecting her boss to come, especially if it's a destination affair: The primary election is Sept. 7.

Dave McKenna, Washington City Paper sports columnist and noted Rhee skeptic, sees this as proof that Rhee's got one foot out of the door. After all, she's marrying a guy who's mayor of Sacramento---neither have jobs that lend themselves to telecommuting.

McKenna has already bet LL $1 that she will be gone from DCPS by the date of her nuptials. LL, recalling Rhee's repeated commitments to stick around for two Fenty terms, will be taking that bet.

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