Rhee Tract: ‘I Do Not Blame Teachers'

Chancellor takes to Post's pages ahead of final contract proposal

WASHINGTON -- With a final proposal for a new teacher contract due in the coming weeks, D.C. Public Schools Chancellor wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post in attempt to reach out to worried, disgruntled teachers.

In the piece, Rhee said there are misconceptions of her thoughts about teachers and she wanted to "set the record straight," insisting that teachers are not to blame for low achievement levels.

The new contract has sent ripples through the school system and upset teachers who say they are doing the best they can with the tools and facilities they have. Rhee acknowledged she understands this and wrote that the teachers the school system employs are vital to solving the school system's problems.

She then highlighted some selling points of a new contract: pay raises, reimbursement to teachers who spend their own time and money to educate their students, various assessments of student growth, protection from arbitrary firings.

Chancellor Rhee also addressed ineffective teaching and the intent to get rid of ineffective teachers as soon as possible. Not all D.C. teachers are bad, but Chancellor Rhee has her eye out for those who loaf or abuse or just try to slide by.

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