RGIII Focused on Colts in Next Preseason Game, Not Andrew Luck

It's not strange to want to lump Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck together. For both young men, it's been the norm for years.

They've known of each other since high school, where both were four-star recruits in Texas. Last year, they first met at the Heisman Trophy presentation when Griffin snagged the award and Luck finished second for the second consecutive season. In April's NFL Draft, the Colts selected Luck first overall. Naturally, the 'Skins grabbed RGIII right after.

Yet, despite what all of that and an overpriced novelty shirt may tell you, the first NFL matchup between the two stud quarterbacks in charge of turning around once-proud franchises Saturday at FedEx Field -- yet another means of comparison -- is not about them. At least not to Griffin.

"He's trying to lead his team, I'm trying to help lead my team," Griffin said to reporters after Monday's practice. "I'll never truly get to face Andrew because he doesn't play defense. That's the one thing I've always said, it's the one thing I'll continue to say and we've just gotta look forward to playing the Colts' defense."

Both RGIII and Luck have had their ups and downs so far this preseason. In their respective NFL debuts, both men impressed in victories; Griffin threw for 70 yards and a touchdown, while Luck's first career pass attempt turned into a 63-yard touchdown. They also showed signs of their youth in their second starts (both losses) as Griffin was sacked three times and Luck threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

Since the Redskins and Colts play in different conferences and -- Super Bowl pending -- will only face each other once every few years, Griffin and Luck's careers will be compared by statistics: touchdown passes, QB ratings and, most importantly, wins.

Saturday, fans and media alike will witness the first NFL matchup between the two, which will further strengthen the link between Griffin and Luck and a rivalry that already has been and will continue to be manufactured. RGIII, however, will not be paying any mind to any of it.

"I think I'll leave the talking about me and him and comparing and everything to you guys," Griffin said. "But I definitely look forward to playing the guy throughout my career. I think it'll be exciting matchups every time we face each other."

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