RGIII Chats With Adam Carriker About Professional Wrestling

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of professional wrestling. I have been throughout most of my life (though, admittedly, I took a break during the early 2000s, missing the "WWF Invasion" angle) and I have written on the subject for a prominent wrestling radio show that I suggest you listen to (you're welcome, Chad).

Speaking of prominent wrestling radio shows, Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker hosts one of his own called "4th And Pain." Carriker, whose personality is as big as he is (and he's gigantic), had a special guest on his show this week, a guest that could challenge him for the "Redskins Personality Heavyweight Championship." Patent pending.

Carriker's locker room neighbor/quarterback/rookie phenom/apparent wrestling fan Robert Griffin III joined him on "4th And Pain" to discuss his love of wrestling.

Griffin said his earliest memories of wrestling wers watching WCW (now defunct) and WWF (now WWE) growing up, particularly stars like Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

"My favorite wrestler of all-time is definitely Goldberg with Shawn Michaels being a close second," Griffin said to Carriker.

RGIII also said that he preferred WCW to WWF, which I completely disagree with, by the way, but this post is not about me.

Anyways, Carriker also asked Griffin about which Redskin (other than Carriker) would be the best professional wrestler.

"I think [Ryan] Kerrigan could probably make it in WWE," he said. "Maybe Fletcher, London Fletcher. It definitely takes a hard-nosed guy that's pretty strong, but if you're looking for a big guy, I think Chris Baker could definitely be a Rikishi-type guy."

For those who do not follow professional wrestling, Rikishi was a large Samoan wrestler who literally used to rub his large hind parts in his opponents' faces. Yeah.

On that note, if you're wondering, RGIII said he wouldn't wear any thongs or tights in the ring.

"I definitely wouldn't be wearing tighty-whities or any of the tight clothes that some of those guys wear," he said, adding that he would be a high-flyer à la Rey Mysterio.

And that's the bottom line, cuz RGIII said so. 

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