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Revised Metro Budget Proposal Keeps Fare Hike, Decreases Service Cuts

Metro's revised budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 keeps the fare hike but reduces proposed service cuts.

Off-peak rail riders would also see a jump to $2 for base fare in addition to current distance-based fares.

The proposal raises the local bus fare from $1.75 to $2 per trip. However, the seven-day bus pass will remain at $17.50.

As for service cuts, trains would run every 8 minutes in peak periods instead of every 6 minutes as they do now. But off-peak service cuts previously proposed would not happen.

“Metro listened very carefully to our customers who said they would prefer to pay a little more than lose key rail and bus services,” Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said. “I recognize that even with some relief for customers, this proposal is tough medicine for the region, jurisdictions, riders and Metro employees, all of whom must contribute to balance this budget.”

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