Retirement Home Driver Goes Extra Mile for Residents

Claudia Campusano’s job is to help residents at a Northwest D.C. retirement home get to doctor's appointments and similar activities.

But Campusano delights residents by going the extra mile.

News4’s Aimee Cho followed Campusano on a typical day for the driver, which often means a side trip down memory lane.

Campusano drove Toby Kinnahan from her living facility to the home where she lived for 30 years.

"It was my life with the kids, husband. My family would come over a lot on the weekends and we would have a cookout in the backyard," Kinnahan remembered while walking down down the driveway of her former home.

"So, you hosted many parties here?" Campusano asked.

"Oh, yes," Kinnahan responded. "I miss that house. I really do."


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It is important to connect people in assisted living facilities or nursing homes with good memories, Campusano said.

"We all miss home, so I want them to get that part still," she said. "The bottom line is giving someone dignity. It gives them a smile."

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