Reston’s Founder Celebrates 100th Birthday

It was a week full of milestones for Robert E. Simon, the founder of Reston, Va. 

Simon celebrated his 100th birthday last Thursday, and this past weekend, the town he helped found celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Simon told News4's David Culver he helped create a walkable, European-inspired area that's still changing.

"Community is really the most important word," he said. "I think community by definition is the interaction of people. So you have a plaza, you have interaction of people. Some people thought it was a little weird to put a high-rise out in the boonies."

Simon said he was turned down by 50 banks when he first wanted to develop the area. He's now most proud of Lake Anne's Plaza, which includes "Bronze Bob," a statue of Simon sitting on a bench.

He said he hopes this community doesn't go anywhere.

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