Reports: Murdered Mother Wanted to Take Kids to Colombia

The Fairfax mother of two whose husband is accused of strangling her to death reportedly wanted to take her kids to Colombia, where she was born and raised.

Andrea Crew, 31, was reported missing last Thursday and her body was found Saturday morning. Her husband, 25-year-old Caleb Crew is being held without bond.

The Washington Post is reporting the two had argued about finances last week, and Andrea Crew had suggested they move their two young daughters to Colombia. 

The two had a strained relationship -- the day before she was reported missing, the couple had attended a court date for an incident in which Caleb Crew allegedly poured motor oil on her during an argument last month. The charge was dropped and Andrea never returned home.

Caleb Crew grew up in Woodbridge, Va., and served as a Marine in Afghanistan. His brother, Owen Crew, said in court that the couple had marital problems recently but that they were in counseling.


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