Report: Brazil Punched Guy ‘in the Back the Head With a Closed Fist'

Documents filed in councilmember's case

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A tattoo-shop employee told police that former At-Large Councilmember Harold Brazil cursed at him, pushed him into a wall, then began punching him “with a closed fist” in the back of the head, according to documents filed by prosecutors [PDF]. This went down at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Georgetown at about 7:20 p.m. on Oct. 9, after a female companion of Brazil’s was told that she couldn’t watch another female companion get inked in the back of the shop.

According to the report, one of the women also told police that Brazil had pushed the shop employee. The full text of the report is after the jump.

This morning, Brazil pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges.

Also of note: Today is Brazil’s 60th birthday.

“S[uspect]-1″ is Brazil; “c[omplainant]-1″ is the Jinx-Proof employee, identified as Francis Bradley Peyton; “w[itness]-1″ is apparently another employee; “w-2″ is the woman who didn’t get the tattoo:

I the undersigned (ofc B. Weingard) was assigned to the crime suppression unit working 1830hrs to OSOOhrs. I was riding in a marked scout car in full uniform. I responded to 3285 1/2 M st nw for an assault in progresss. Upon arrival to the scene I observed c-1 and w-1 holding s-1 down on the floor in an attempt to subdue s-1.1 placed s-1 in handcuffs to end the scuffle. C-l who works the counter at the listed location stated that s-1 entered the tattoo shop two female friends. W-2 one of the females went into the back room to get a tattoo. After several minutes the other female attempted to enter the back room. C-l advised her that only persons that are getting tatoos are allowed access to the back area. S-1 became angry over thj fact that his female friend was denied access and began cursing at c-1.C-l told S-1 to leave the store. S-1 then pushed c-1 into the wall and punched him in the back the head with a closed fist. W-1 and c-1 tackled s-1 and held him on the ground until MPD arrived on the scene. I placed s-1 under arrest for simple assault.
DCFD amb # 1 and tower # 3 responded to the scene both S-1 and C-l refused neatment. W-2 stated that she observed s-1 push c-1 after she heard them arguing.

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