Report: Increase in Thefts on Metro

New figures from Metro show that thefts are up with thefts of personal electronic devices leading the way.

Snatch robberies like thefts of iPhones were up to 643 in 2013 compared to 491 in 2012.

Surveillance video from about 2 p.m. Saturday shows a juvenile creeping up behind a woman at the Capitol South Metro Station and snatching her phone. The victim chased the juvenile, who was stopped just outside the station and arrested.

"That video really is an eyeopener for other customers on awareness -- how quick this can happen," Metro Transit Police Chief Ronald Pavlik said.

Also, thieves are stealing more bicycles. Last year, 411 bicycles were stolen from Metro stations compared to 330 the year before.

Metro says it also has noticed a trend of women as victims.

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