Repelling Pesky Mosquitoes

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Who doesn't love eating outside in the summer? Besides the heat (especially recently), another major drawback to outdoor get-togethers are those pesky mosquitoes. But which repellent works best?
The Centers for Disease Control and Entomologist Professor Michael Raupp both helped with this answer. The CDC says that there are two ingredients that you should look for when choosing a mosquito repellent, and both have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The first ingredient, Deet, offers effective protection against mosquito bites. Protection can last from 90 minutes to 5 hours depending on how much Deet is in the product.

Another ingredient to look for is called Picaridin. It’s an alternative to Deet that also provides long-lasting protection against pesky mosquito bites.

Raupp says that when you're looking for protection against mosquitoes, bug spray trumps candles and all others except, of course clothing. Another tip from Raupp: set up a fan during an outdoor meal. The breeze of 5 mph or so prevents the skeeters from flying and cools your guests.

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