Removal Possible for Trinity Standing Wave Project

Councilmember says Wave was a project 'not for the people in the community'

Dallas leaders have a recommendation to end the whitewater feature that has been troubled for years over safety concerns.

Wednesday, parks officials recommended to city leaders a partial removal of the wave that would eliminate it being a feature for kayakers.

The project opened in 2011 as a Class 3 whitewater feature with a bypass for paddlers to go around the wave.

However, a design flaw in the wave made the feature dangerous even for experienced kayakers.

Shortly after the wave’s opening, one person nearly drowned in the wave after being slammed against a wall.

During the City Council briefing, District 4 Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold said the city should be spending money on the communities around the Trinity.

"The concern that I have is we are spending this type of money to invest in this Standing Wave project but we're not spending any money in the very communities being flooded by the Trinity," Arnold said. "We continue to build projects that are not for the people in the community, it's for the people coming to the community."

If the City Council votes to partially remove the wave, it could cost nearly $2 million, on top of the $3.9 million price tag to build the wave.

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