Remains of Former Slave's Son to Be Laid to Rest

Ten years after the remains were found, Prince George's County officers and others will gather to ceremonially lay a former slave's son to rest in Upper Marlboro Saturday.

The remains were found in 2003 at the old Clagett family farm during land testing. Police were brought in to determine if foul play was involved -- homicide was ruled out.

Crime Scene Investigation Division Supervisor Bill Greene and now retired Cpl. Richard Lanning tested the remains. Anthropologists uncovered the remains likely belonged to an African American man born in the 1800s -- possibly the son of one of the slaves working on the Clagett tobacco plantation.

The investigation uncovered the land was likely the site of a cemetery containing the remains of slaves and freemen who worked on the Cool Spring Manor property. At least 13 additional sets of remains were found in the area.

Greene, along with other police officers, the current property owner, a pastor and others will hold a burial for the man's remains Saturday afternoon.

News4's Derrick Ward will attend the event and will have more on News4 at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

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