Virginia Woman Finally Refunded for Refrigerator That Fails to Make Ice

After several failed attempts to fix a refrigerator that failed to make ice, the company finally refunded a Virginia woman.

Linda Kumbar bought a $2,400 Samsung refrigerator with a five-year warranty in January 2013.

“Everything was working well, and within about a year, all of a sudden there was no ice,” she said.

She said she was lucky to get a few cubes in a couple of weeks.

She called customer service, and a repairman went to her home to fix it and said it would never happen again.

“Three months later, the same thing happened again,” she said.

Another call to customer service resulted in another visit from the repairman.

“And said you're good to go and said it will never happen again,” Kumbar said.

But it kept happening. Four service calls and it happened again, but after the fifth time the refrigerator stopped making ice, the company didn’t send anyone to fix it.

“This is when they started telling me that our warranty had expired,” she said.

But her warranty doesn't expire until 2018.

NBC4 Responds contacted Samsung, which said it regrets Kumbar’s experience and, "We are working with their extended warranty provider to carefully review ... Mrs. Kumbar's experience."

A short time later, Kumbar got a call from Samsung offering a refund.

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