Redskins Fans Root for Cowboys, Wait for Next Week

What to Know

  • The Redskins need to beat the Giants next week to have any chance for the playoffs. Lose and they are out.
  • If the Cowboys beat the Lions, it sets up one scenario for a game between the Packers and Lions next week.
  • There is one highly unusual scenario that would bump the Redskins out of the playoffs, even with a win against the Giants.

As the NFL 2016 season approaches its final games, Washington Redskins fans are left with rooting for their hated rival and the home team over the next few weeks.

The Redskins (8-6-1) currently sit seventh in the six-team playoff picture after beating the Chicago Bears, 41-21. While sporting a 2-3 record over their past five games, they are still in a position to grab the second and final wild card slot but will need a little help from a longtime rival.

Regardless of how other teams do, the Redskins must beat the New York Giants next week to have any shot at the playoffs. All scenarios assume the Redskins beat the Giants. A loss against New York takes them out of the playoff hunt.

Monday night’s game and a game next week between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions will have a direct impact on Washington’s attempt to reach the postseason.

The Cowboys (12-2) have the number one position in the NFC playoffs locked up. They face the Detroit Lions (9-5) Monday night at AT&T Stadium. If the Cowboys beat the Lions, and the Redskins beat the Giants, Washington practically clinches a playoff spot (more on a potentially weird and situation later).

If the Cowboys lose, the Redskins will need the Lions to beat the Packers next week to clinch a spot in the playoffs. If the Packers win, the Redskins will be out.


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The potentially weird situation arises if the Packers and Lions tie next week. Both of those teams plus the Redskins would have the same 9-6-1 record, and Washington would be out in the tiebreaker situation.

The Redskins made the playoff last season, losing in the wild card round to the Packers, 35-18.

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