Redskins, Cousins Headed Toward Expensive Contract Deadline

A Monday deadline could put some pressure on the Washington Redskins to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to a new contract, but reports of internal disagreement within the organization persist.

If the team can’t get Cousins to sign, he will play for the team on under a franchise tag for the second straight season, costing the team $23.94 million.

Mike Florio, with NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk, said officials inside the Redskins organization are divided on how much Cousins is worth to the team. He said the problem with waiting is the price continues to rise with each franchise or transition tag the team uses to keep him on one year deals.

Florio said if there is no long term deal after this season, Cousins could make $28.7 million under a transition tag or $37.4 million under a franchise tag. He said at some point, the Redskins will have to pay him for a long-term deal or let him walk away.

Former Redskins general manager Charlie Casserly believes by not signing a long term contract, Cousins remains in a position of power. He said he would be surprised if Cousins signs before Monday’s deadline.

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