Code Talker Tribute at Redskins Game Stirs Controversy

The Redskins' loss to the San Francisco 49ers isn’t the only thing Redskins fans are fired up about; it’s what happened during halftime that triggered a Twitter war.

During halftime, the team recognized the history of the Navajo code talkers as a part of Native American Heritage month. The code talkers helped save thousands of Americans during WWII with their code and language skills.

Four code talkers were honored on the field. The stadium embraced them -- after all they are heroes and deserve it. But the timing of the tribute came under fire immediately online, with most accusing the Redskins of using the code talkers as props in their ongoing name change controversy.

Shortly after the game, the Redskins posted a tribute video to the code talkers. It features pictures, President Barack Obama and one of the Navajo code talkers saying “Hail to the Redskins.”

The backlash, so far, has been big. There have been supporters, however, who believe that this was a great way to honor our heroes.

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