Rain Keeps Local Sports Leagues, Players Off Fields

For those keeping track, it has rained 19 out of the last 23 days in the D.C. area. It has made doing outside activities, especially sporting activities, very difficult to schedule and play.

Parents and kids are getting frustrated as the rains keep their fields wet and muddy. Many youth leagues have been forced to cancel practices and games.

CJ Newman plays soccer and baseball in Montgomery County, Maryland, but this season is just about washed away.

“Mostly all my practice have been cancelled and my games have been rescheduled,” Newman said. “It makes me feel upset, because I want to practice to get better.”

As much as he wants to play, his mom wants him to play as well. CJ’s mom, Jen Newman, said there are no refunds for weather cancellations.

“(The league) cancelled a lot of games,” she said. “The practices, they just lose out on. The games, they're trying to reschedule, and at this point, it's like to mid-June. It's really painful.”

The owners of the fields are also lamenting the bad weather. It is playing havoc with scheduling in their leagues.

“Just last weekend, we had to cancel 240 games,” said Trish Heffelfinger, the executive director at the Maryland Soccerplex. “And we won't be able to make those up, because we're in the seventh week of an eight-week season.”

Soccer and baseball leagues aren’t the only one impact by the constant water from the sky. Rockville’s youth track and field meet was cancelled Monday night.

“This rain is impacting everybody, because right now, we're only able to get about half of our sports leagues,” said Duncan Mullis, Rockville’s sports program specialist. “We're three weeks behind schedule.”

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