Racial Slur on Virginia Students' T-Shirts Sparks Outrage

Two students at a high school in Stafford, Virginia celebrated homecoming week by dressing up in the school colors -- and T-shirts hand-painted with a racial slur.

A photo posted online shows two blonde students at Mountain View High School wearing T-shirts that read "N---- we made it." The "I" and "G" in the slur were replaced with "16." Their fellow students told News4 "16" was the year of the girls' graduation.

Students said they didn't believe the girls meant for the shirts to be offensive and that the words come from an epithet-laced song by Drake and Soulja Boy.

"It was saw as a song, basically, and so they decided to switch the numbers. Instead of putting the GGA, they put the 16," one girl said, declining to give her name.

Mother Annette Lee said the use of the slur was offensive and reminded her of when her daughter had to face classmates' racially insensitive comments.

"They probably don't think anything was wrong with it. However, it is," she said.

School officials said the students have been disciplined.

"I am truly sorry that this incident occurred at Mountain View," Principal James Stemple said in a statement. "There are plans in place to educate the entire student body about this type of behavior, provide counseling if needed for any student and to work with the entire community to ensure this type of action does not happen again.”

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