Questions About Cicadas, Making a Bed and Sharing Cab Rides

Ask Liz: 11/07/08

Q: Why do cicadas make a different noise in the morning than they do in the evening?
A: We took your question to Professor Michael Raup at the University of Maryland. He says it's a case of two different kinds of dog day cicadas. The first kind of cicadas will sing its own distinct song throughout the day.  The second species of cicadas will sing a completely different song at dusk.

Making a Bed
Q:If the flat sheet goes decorative side up or decorative side down?

A: Zinc Interior Design to get your answer.  Which is,  finished side down if you turn the sheet and blanket over.  That way you can see the nice side of the seam and the decorative pattern. However you can also make the bed so you don't see the sheet's pattern.  It depends on what you prefer.

Sharing Cabs
Q: A viewer say he says operators at Union Station insist that customers share cabs.  He wants to know if this is reasonable since the zone system is out and meters are in place.

A: We took this question to the D.C. Taxicab Commission.  It says Union Station is the only place where cab sharing is permitted in D.C. That's because of excessive lines and the large influx of patrons needing cabs. The Taxicab Commission says the process expedites service and manages the overflow lines.

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